Steel products

We support projects in various industries by providing competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our steel products.

Tailor a solution to your projectu

Among our wide range of metallurgical products, we offer first grade materials, which are certified, as well as second grade materials, which are of equally good quality. Offers structured in this way allow flexibility in choosing the most suitable solution for a particular project. What exactly is covered by the category of steel products?

  • Square and rectangular hollow sections in black steel
  • Square and rectangular hollow sections made of hot-dip galvanised strip
  • Black steel tubes
  • Hot-dip galvanised strip pipes
  • Steel sheets


Our products are used in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive, machinery and energy. Reliable structural elements play an important role in maintaining the stability, safety and durability of various types of buildings and structures. Versatility, robustness and ease of processing make our materials suitable for machinery, vehicles, steel structures, bridges, as well as urban equipment and infrastructure.

Mass calculator

Would you like to calculate the mass per 1 m/kg of a material you’re interested in? Enter its dimensions here.


Stal – 7.85 kg/dm³
Width: mm
Thickness: mm
mass 1 m [kg]


Stal – 7.85 kg/dm³
Width: mm
Height: mm
Thickness: mm
mass 1 m [kg]


Stal – 7.85 kg/dm³
Diameter: mm
Thickness: mm
mass 1 m [kg]


Are grade II materials suitable for my project?
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Grade II materials are of very good quality and often don’t differ from grade I products. They can be used in your project and help you save money.

Do you offer customised cutting and machining services for steel products?
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Yes, we offer customised cutting and machining services for steel products. To make arrangements, simply call us or send us an enquiry.

Steel profile – other terminology and types
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Closed steel profiles have a spatial form of a long element with the cross-section of a flat geometric figure. The most common metal sections on offer are rectangular, square or circular. Polygons are also encountered.
They are usually offered for sale as closed rectangular sections, closed square sections, or round sections. Due to their cross-sectional shape, they’re commonly referred to as rectangular, square or round pipe.

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