Sandwich panels

We offer ready-to-use sandwich panels and the option of ordering personalised variants in terms of thickness, length, colour and type of cladding.

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and weatherproof. Our offer includes a wide selection of both ready-made components and the possibility of personalising the product. We process orders efficiently, offering quick collection or rapid delivery.

Our customers can count on:

  • customised formatting of sandwich panels,
  • ordering sandwich panels in accordance with the specifications provided,
  • high-quality products at a relatively low price.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels work well for a variety of building types – from industrial to commercial and residential. Their unique construction means that they combine durability, and thermal and acoustic insulation, while also being resistant to the harmful effects of atmospheric conditions. Sandwich panels promote energy savings, help reduce noise and increase the durability of roofs and façades. They’re also relatively easy to install, resulting in shorter lead times for construction projects and lower investment costs.

Sandwich panel cores

Our range includes roof and wall panels with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core or a mineral wool core. Both PIR foam and mineral wool maintain adequate thermal insulation, acoustic comfort and joint tightness. Panels with a mineral wool core have high fire resistance.

Sandwich panel joints

The profiled edges enable easy visible installation in the form of overlapping, and invisible installation using the tongue-and-groove method. The joint itself is secured with tape, which protects it against diffusion and vapour infiltration.


Due to their energy-saving, fire-resistant and thermal insulation properties, sandwich panels are widely used as an aesthetically pleasing structural element in agriculture, industry, refrigeration and housing.

Types of sandwich panels

Roof sandwich panelse

Wall sandwich panels with concealed fixing

Wall sandwich panels with visible fixing

Available colours

RAL 1015 RAL 1015
RAL 7035 RAL 7035
RAL 9002 RAL 9002
RAL 9010 RAL 9010
RAL 1002 RAL 1002
RAL 1021 RAL 1021
RAL 5012 RAL 5012
RAL 6011 RAL 6011
RAL 7040 RAL 7040
RAL 7047 RAL 7047
RAL 9006 RAL 9006
RAL 3000 RAL 3000
RAL 3011 RAL 3011
RAL 5010 RAL 5010
RAL 6029 RAL 6029
RAL 8004 RAL 8004
RAL 9007 RAL 9007
RAL 6005 RAL 6005
RAL 7016 RAL 7016
RAL 7024 RAL 7024
RAL 8017 RAL 8017
INOX 1.43 INOX 1.43

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